How JobsOnDemand is different from traditional staffing

Ready casual worker pool

Large pool of skilled and unskilled casual workers, looking for ad hoc and temp jobs daily.

Unlimited job listing

Unlimited free job postings. Job postings are real-time, notifications are sent out to our member base for every job post, there is no communication or sourcing lag time and applicants apply directly to every job posted.

Hire only when necessary

Reduce your overheads by hiring only when you need to. No minimum days/hours for each job posting. Hire workers right up to the last hour!


You only pay when the jobs have been successfully completed, partnering with JobsOnDemand is risk free without any upfront or hidden costs.



JOD was started in 2015 to help businesses address their manpower crunch by providing a pool of casual workers, who are seeking to earn additional income by monetizing their spare time as independent freelancers.

We have achieved this by providing an easy-to-use yet secure HR technology platform, which allows businesses to fill their temporary staffing requirements, even hiring of ad hoc staff right up to the last minute

JOD is an intuitive easy-to-use jobs platform which allows hiring managers to hire staff from our pool of casual workers. The hiring is based on a freelancer contract for service, which facilitates flexible ”on demand” hiring. Companies can expect to benefit from lower overheads and more sensible hiring cost, while still maintaining quality service levels by selecting directly from our pool of JOD members based on their past jobs’ ratings and experience

Getting started is easy. Fill out the online form and someone from our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Yes, we aim to protect our JOD members the same way we protect our own employees. JOD has arranged with an A-rated insurer to offer Personal Accident and Liability cover for our members.

JOD targets both skilled and unskilled temporary and ad-hoc jobs. Job types range from short term engagements in the services-oriented sectors, such as F&B, retail, events and hospitality, to longer term assignments such as admin, data entry, customer service, and even assistant teachers.

JOD pays members based on the clock in/out timings captured in the system. As long as the member is agreeable to the shortened/lengthened time, JOD will pay according to the captured timings for each job. However, posting accurate start and end times for the jobs you need done keeps your jobs desirable, and generally helps fill them more consistently with the same reliable members.

JOD will pay the JOD member on your behalf after the job has been successfully completed. This is facilitated by our secure digital time clocking system performed between the manager and the JOD member.The payment is accurate and calculates right up to the minute! Managers no longer need to deal with floating cash or go through the hassle of fortnight or monthly payroll processing for workers.


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