You have absolute flexibility and freedom as a JOD member. You choose when you want to work, and where you want to work. You're not tied down by daily/weekly fixed rosters. You get to select from a wide variety of hiring companies, locations and job types.

JOD provides real-time job offers, meaning that the jobs can either be for tomorrow or even right up to the next hour! If you receive a job notification for a job that will start in the next hour, and you are interested to take it up, simply apply for it on the app and you will be updated on the status of your application very quickly!

In your home page, click on the tab that says"View Open Jobs". Click on the job you are keen on to read the job details, if you are interested, click "Apply" at the bottom. Read the Agreement and if you agree to tge terms of the contract, click "I Agree". Then wait for a notification to update you on the status of your job application.

JOD pays you on behalf of these hiring companies. Once you have clocked out of a job, you just need to indicate your bank account details accurately and JOD will process your payment. Depending on which bank you are using, payments will take between 1 to 3 business days to be credited. If you are using a bank that requires inter-bank GIRO transfer and you need urgent next-day payment, there will be a bank charge of $5 per transfer.

If you need further assistance, please drop us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you very soon!