Glenford Tan

Head of Corporate Development

20 years of experience spanning business consulting, equity research, investment finance, risk management, oil trading and shipping.
Responsible for corporate development matters for Aptus Technologies.

Jason Ong

Country Manager, Singapore

20 years of sales and business development experience in global IT MNCs such as SAP, Oracle, and IBM.
Responsible for the general management and business development for Aptus Technologies and JobsOnDemand Singapore.

Tang Jui Hong

Head of Technology

Over 20 years of experience in enterprise software, specialising in application development, consulting and management.
Responsible for heading the Aptus Technologies IT Team as well as the design, development and product roadmap of JobsOnDemand.

Tanya Koh

Head of Marketing & Operations

20 years of regional channel sales and marketing experience with global IT MNCs such as Red Hat and SAP.
Responsible for heading Aptus Technologies and JobsOnDemand Singapore marketing and operations teams.


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